The North Pole » Photos from my 2013 North Pole expedition

Carl at the North Pole (20th April 2013)

Yes! We made it!

Carl and his team mates at the North Pole (20th April 2013)

What a great bunch of guys to do this with. A proud day for us all!

Carl at the North Pole (20th April 2013):
It was a bit chilly that day!
Video of a Russian Mi8 helicopter landing at the North Pole to return explorers to Base Camp Borneo:
This video is not from Carl's trip but from a 2008 expedition. It gives you an idea of the same scenario for taking Carl's team back to the base. In the video you can see the downblast blows away sleeping bags and pads as the team is still in the tent packing.
The good and the bad:
Pressure ridges are absolutely everywhere in the North Pole and they are a nightmare for trekkers. The glorious Sundogs, however, make it all worthwhile!
The aeroplane to take the team to the last degree of the North Pole.
Photo update 13th April 2013:
Yet another firearm shot of Carl - the "Dirty Harry" of the ice planes...
Liverbirds Club in Longyearbyen
Svalbard has a strong Liverpool FC fanbase. These photos are in the bar of the Liverbirds Club in Longyearbyen. Seeing a man in a bar with a shotgun over his shoulder is the norm ...that's how they roll here!
Photo update, 14th April 2013:
Elderly male bear shot dead in 1992 in Spitsbergen due to ilness. He was badly underweight and infected with Trikinose Parasites which live on animal's muscles, eating them alive from inside!
Pressure ridges:
I encountered hundreds of pressure ridges each day....imagine that, pulling a 100lb sled! A pressure ridge develops as a result of stress, pressure and expansion occurring in the ice of the polar sea - and they are everywhere.
Gunhawk Carl - the lonesome hunter of the polar range.
Photo update, 12th April:
My supplies (below) before packing into my sledge.